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“We have dramatically improved our access into care with Fitz Ilias, our clients report very high satisfaction working with them.”


Support from Fitz Ilias in Integration of Mental Health Services.


Of your community deserves exceptional mental healthcare.

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Company Namesake


Company Namesake

Ergi Gumusaneli

Chief Executive Officer

Tessie Gumusaneli

Chief Financial Officer

Shari Gasson

Executive Director

Lynn Bellanti

Senior Director of Client Services

Frequently Asked Questions

What are your fees?

Fitz Ilias is committed to providing solutions to meet the unique needs of every partnership. To begin this process, we offer consultations aimed at gaining an understanding of your clinic’s current requirements and long-term goals. Following this consultation, our team meticulously crafts a specialized proposal tailored to your specific needs, ensuring a mutually advantageous pricing strategy that aligns with your clinic’s objectives. Our commitment to delivering customized solutions underscores our dedication to building enduring and productive client partnerships. 

Do you have references?

We have several letters of recommendation from our clients ranging from hospital CEO’s to clinic owners and government agencies. We are happy to provide all references to anyone who would like to see them.

Do you see children?

All of our clinicians and practitioners see patients of all ages from children to end of life.

Do you take insurance?

Absolutely. While we do not provide services directly to members of the public, through our proprietary partnerships with clients in your community, you can use your insurance. Our providers credential with the hospital and clinic insurance plans. If your primary care clinic does not offer our services currently, ask them to partner

Why Fitz Ilias?

We integrate turn key mental health programs and take care of everything. We protect you and your clinic from liability.
In addition, we provide a huge value and savings to your company as you do not need to invest in liability insurance, health insurance, payroll taxes, payroll fees, pensions, workman’s compensation insurance, retirement plans, 401K matching, paid time off, vacation coverage, sick time off, recruitment costs, turnover, management costs. These are all fees you would incur by doing the program yourself and instead, we cover all of that for you!

How does it work?

1. Initial Consultation
2. Discovery call, meet your team, identify scope and need
3. Site visit to review expectations, team building, leadership and management training for boots on the ground support staff (optional)
4. We provide a customized estimate and proposal for services
5. Delivery of customizable manuals, policies and procedures, templates & billing codes
6. Introduction of providers
7. Begin credentialing
8. Success implementation and ongoing support
9. Our services do not stop with seeing patients
10. Modifying glitches and issues like scheduling, prescriptions, E-systems and feedback
11. You will be delighted with our excellent customer service
12. Periodic executive staff meeting for QI which often become less frequent over time
13. Initial marketing in your community and clinic to optimize program growth

How do you ensure our success?

We have many years of experience in integrating mental health programs and have proprietary systems in place to meet the specific needs of your individual program no matter how big or small.  
In addition, based on our business model, we are uniquely situated to have backup practitioners to, a) quickly expand the program when needed and b) remove liability that may arise from provider turnover and patient abandonment. Our system ensures redundancy for your protection and risk mitigation. 

Learn more about us from Dr. Gumusaneli, CEO of Fitz Ilias.

Fitz Ilias is pioneering how mental health is delivered in the United States. As seen on.

“Our patients have greatly benefited from our collaboration with Fitz Ilias in various ways. The providers of Fitz Ilias are empathetic and use a patient-centered approach which helps foster a stronger therapeutic relationship, resulting in improved patient engagement and treatment adherence. The providers of Fitz Ilias have been exceptional to partner with.”